Saturday, July 30, 2011


My dad was born in the village of Byara, on the very border of Iraq and Iran. The regin is known as Hawraman, and its believed that the Prophet Ibrahim R hailed from there, thousands of years ago. One of the oldest maps in the world was found in this region, in that language, which is very different than the regular Kurdish dialect. For example, the Kurdish word for chicken is "mireeshk" but in Hawramani its "kargey". Alhamdullah my siblings and I can speak both, because my father is Hawramani and my mom is Sorani Kurdish, which is the main kind of Kurdish.

Hawraman is made up of dozens and dozens of breath taking villages all built on the mountain sides, full of orchards and streams. You cant really tell from the pictures, but Byara is very big compared to other villages, there are at least 1,000 homes there now, along with a market, hospital, and police station. It is the closet to the mainland, about a 20 minute drive from the main road, about an hour and half drive from Silemani.

For the trip we went into the family orchards to have an all day picnic. We went along with my dads nieces and all their kids. This is the area where my mom and dad lived in a tent for over 4 months when Saddam was bombing their city:

My dad getting out walnuts from their fresh green shells, soooo delicious!

These are tart plums a family just picked to sell at the market:

The meat after its cooked:

My siblings and I dont eat lamb much so we made toast from the bread and cheese my mom got us from Sweden, you should have seen the looks and comments our cousins gave us

Tea being boiled on the coals:

Road leading out of Byara:

View of Byara from a distance, on top of a hill near the towns exit:

Close up of Byara, you can see the beautiful blue Majid in there:

The newer side of Byara on the other side of the hill:

Me and Byara

Behind Byara, behind the hill we faced, this is facing Halabja and Sirwan Lake

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  1. You look beautiful, love, mA. The mountains are amazing aA, a sign of Allah swt and his beauty. I mean he came up with the coolest stuff, he must be so creative if he made all this just for us humans...!